2024/3/28 It's Finally Here! Let's Play Online Matches Together!

*All translations in this blog are tentative and may be subject to change upon official release.

Greetings Once Again!

Hello, this is Hino from LEVEL5.
Finally, after much effort, we've successfully released Phase 1 of the beta test demo!
Since this demo serves as a significant stepping stone toward the release version, we want to encourage everyone to give it a try.

The beta test demo will not take away from the enjoyment of the full game. Instead, it's designed to enhance the experience. Even the story and RPG section we will release in the demo will be told differently, and I believe the main game will still hold many surprises.

Is a Beta Test Demo Even Necessary?

We consider this beta test demo a preparatory stage to launch the full product in a perfect state, aiming to create a new chapter in the history of Inazuma Eleven. Our intention is to incorporate the opinions of the players and make the new Inazuma Eleven the best it can be, ensuring its longevity. We know we've kept you waiting for a long time, but let us maintain our commitment to achieving the highest level of quality just a little longer.

Now, regarding the contents of the beta test demo we're distributing this time, both matches and story are presented in a "special format" for you to enjoy. Right after release, only the Competition Mode will be available, but please be patient as we'll unlock Story Mode at a later stage.

As for the content of the Competition Mode implemented in Phase 1, the system has been completely revamped from previous versions to ensure that PvP matches are exciting and fun. We've continually evolved the version presented at Tokyo Game Show, and we believe we've been able to create a new, unique form of football game that really stands out from the crowd. I encourage you to not only try out CPU battles, but to also experience the excitement of online matches.

Differences Between Demo and Retail Versions

This beta test demo itself already boasts a considerable amount of content; however, many features of the final version are actually still kept under wraps.

Of course, even in the beta demo, we have player rarities and improvements to enjoy. But for this release, we've excluded the hack-and-slash game-like aspects, such as hunting for legendaries or careful item selection. In the final version, players can materialize discovered players if they found their spirits. In the demo, this feature will not be available. We felt that making players spend too much time on extensive collection tasks to become stronger wouldn't be appropriate for the beta demo, so we decided to save the excitement of those aspects for the full release.

Another significant difference is the lack of diversity in player development in this version. Character passives are fixed, and players progress along a single growth axis. However, in the full release, you can alter your players' attributes through the "Abilearn Board." When things get serious, you will be able to customize players to your liking this way, so please look forward to the final version.

Highlights of the Beta Test Demo

In the demo version, the number one thing we want players to see is the high level of strategic depth in Inazuma Eleven matches.

This time, we have intricately designed the game around three interplaying elements that determine the outcomes of matches: "Player Skill," "Strength of Data," and "Strategic Ingenuity." We aimed for a balance that ensures fair matches, where even the strongest players with lightning-fast reflexes can be defeated through data and strategy. We want to fine-tune these aspects to perfection, so please share your feedback in "Inazuma Post"* and help us create the best Inazuma Eleven possible!

We hope players will experience their team growing stronger in bot matches, as well as the strategic aspects of building their teams and the enjoyment of training their players up to Legendary rank. On a side note, the beta demo will feature three different endings eventually, so be sure to find them all! Discover how to get them by playing yourself! (At first, there's only one ending available.)

  • *Inazuma Post: A platform for submitting your feedback and thoughts on the game.
To Inazuma Post

How to Play the Beta Test Demo

First and foremost, in the beta demo, we have prioritized implementing features that allow for lively multiplayer experiences, so players can truly feel the excitement of online battles in the new Inazuma Eleven. Functions such as spectator mode are specifically designed for this purpose. We encourage players to organize online tournaments among themselves and utilize this demo version as a tool to expand their circle of "Inazuma Friends" and creating a larger community within the gaming world. We have created guidelines to facilitate these activities, so please make sure to check them out as well.

We also tried playing in-house tournaments within LEVEL5 and it was really great! Even for us, who have been immersed in the content to the point of possibly becoming bored, it was still a lot of fun, so for users who approach it freshly, it should be even better! Be sure to enjoy both bot matches and online battles to your heart's content!

Well then, everyone, cheers to the first step towards the future of the new Inazuma Eleven!!

Split Distribution of the Beta Test Demo

This time, the beta demo will be distributed in two parts. While the first part will contain Competition Mode, the second part will unlock Story Mode and more. New elements will be added to the match system, too. The second part is scheduled to be released between late April and early May, so stay tuned!

Transitioning from the Beta Test Demo to the Final Product

Because the complete data design specifications for the main game are not yet finalized, it is difficult to directly transfer data from the beta demo to the release version. However, in order to make the playing experience of the demo version more meaningful, we are planning to offer bonuses to the players who have played it. The planned bonuses are as follows:

  1. Playing the beta test demo:
    "Equipment Item: EXP Boots"
  2. Defeating the Alius Masters CPU in GODHOOD rank:
    "Decoration Object: Royal Academy Armored Carriage"
  3. Defeating the Alius Masters CPU in LEGENDARY HERO rank:
    "Decoration Object: Inazuma Tower"
  4. Obtain COUNTRY rank in ranked matches:
    "Spirit: Ray Dark (can be summoned)"
  5. Clear the beta test demo story chapter 1:
    "Decoration Object: Soiled Ball"
  • *The items that can be acquired will mainly be usable in Chronicle Mode and Competition Mode.
  • *Prize availability is subject to change with prior notice.