2023/11/29 Leave Your Inazuma Mark on the World!

*All translations in this blog are tentative and may be subject to change upon official release.

A System Focused on "Tactics"

In the current game system, a team's strength is significantly increased by mutually utilizing "Special Tactics," "Team Passives," and "Individual Ability." Victory or defeat isn't determined just by the players' skills and reflexes. Real-time decision-making is certainly crucial, but reflexes or dexterity don't matter nearly as much as in an FPS game, for example.
The three key factors are:
・Team customization to maximize synergy
・The adjustment of strategies to the current opponent
・Accurate situational judgement and effective in-game operations in real time
In other words, both in single- and multiplayer, the competition is not just about skill in the action elements of the game, but a balance between player skill, character stats, and tactics.
If you want to aim for victory, make sure to train both your brain and skills!

Why a Beta Test Instead of a Release?

To put it bluntly, we absolutely do not want Inazuma Eleven to fail. And it's not just about success or failure in the business sense; it's about reliably meeting user expectations and setting the stage for the beginning of the next chapter in the history of Inazuma Eleven. This time, we want to put the most effort into the matches, specifically the competitive aspects. A game so deep that you can play for dozens of hours without getting close to the bottom, while remaining enjoyable all the way. This requires extensive testing, and even having a hundred testers play for months most likely wouldn't suffice. Above all, the main goal is to finalize the specifications by incorporating the opinions of everyone eagerly waiting for the game to come out! Therefore, we want as many people as possible to play the game while there's still room for adjustments. Through the Inazuma Post system, we aim to gather feedback to make the final refinements. For these reasons, we ask for a bit more time before the actual release. Thanks for understanding!

A Strategy Meeting About Eastwind Peregrine International Institute!?
What is This Video!?

In addition to the fourth trailer, we have released a video of a certain "Strategy Meeting." You might be wondering, "Why would they release such a spoiler-filled video?" - and rightly so! However, this Inazuma Eleven has a profound tactical element. The better your strategy, the stronger you become! We wanted to make the users aware of this early. With just the info we have released so far, some might be worried that the RPG and loot elements might become tedious after a while. Will it take a lot of time to become stronger? We felt like people might have such concerns.

No need to worry! It's not troublesome at all. It will be easy to understand and tickle your curiosity at a healthy level. Obviously, I don't just expect you to take my word for it. Considering that the previous Inazuma Eleven was fun already, you might wonder if there's even a need for a change at all. I believe there is. As games in general are developing, the standard for what is "interesting" is definitely going up. Which is exactly why we want to make sure to convey our goals this time. We're not aiming to revive the "old" Inazuma Eleven. We want to create an all new Inzauma Eleven. This is not a defensive stance, but an offensive formation! And to all our supporters, we hope you'll give us lots of feedback with the new concept in mind. While it has taken us a considerable amount of time, we are making this game with unwavering determination. To all Inazuma fans, please lend us your support in creating a game that will be talked about for years to come! Thanks to everyone for your help!