"LEVEL5 VISION 2023 II" Co-Streaming Guidelines

The Level-5 online event, "LEVEL5 VISION 2023 II" (hereafter referred to as "this presentation"), may be co-streamed (i.e., to simultaneously broadcast the livestream of this presentation for the purpose of viewing it with the audience while providing commentary, etc.; hereafter referred to as "this stream").

However, we ask you to comply with the following guidelines when conducting this stream.

Terms of Use

  1. 1.This stream may be broadcast on various video streaming sites, such as YouTube and Twitch.
    You may keep the video you have broadcast as an archived video (hereafter referred to as "this video"). We ask that you do not edit and repost this video.
  2. 2.Please make sure that this stream includes video of the streamer superimposed over the presentation, along with their comments and impressions.
    For more details, please refer to the below image.
    Permissible Co-Stream Imagery/Please make sure to put a border around the video.Please also post the broadcast with your face, avatar, or other identifying mark visible on screen at all times.
    Impermissible Co-Stream Imagery/Please do not stream the video in an audio commentary format that only displays in full screen.
  3. 3.Please do not broadcast this stream or this video on sites or via services that require payment in order to be viewed. However, this stream and this video may be monetized if any of the following systems are utilized:
    • YouTube—via the YouTube Partner Program
    • Twitch—via the Affiliate Program
    • TwitCasting― via the TwitCasting Monetization Program (excluding premium streams)
    • Other affiliate systems similar to the ones listed above, livestream gifting systems, etc.
  4. 4.If you intend to broadcast content that includes intellectual property rights, likeness rights, or other third-party rights, please obtain the permission of the rights holder(s) in advance before broadcasting the content.
  5. 5.Please do not broadcast content that may mislead viewers into believing that you are a member of this company or of its affiliates, or mislead viewers into believing that you are sponsored by or affiliated with this company or its affiliates.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. 1.All copyrights, adjacent rights, and other intellectual property rights to this presentation belong to this company, or to a third party designated by this company.
  2. 2.No intellectual property rights related to this presentation shall be obtained by or licensed to the streamer as a result of this stream beyond what is covered by these guidelines.

Prohibited Acts

  1. 1.Streams or actions that fall under any of the following categories are prohibited:
    1. Streams that include content prohibited by law, or that is or may be considered in violation of public order and standards of decency.
    2. Streams containing content that infringes on the rights of this company or of a third party.
    3. Streams containing discriminatory or slanderous content, or other content that may cause offense to third parties.
    4. Streams that include content harmful to this presentation or to the image of this company.
    5. The reuse of this presentation for any purposes other than this stream (be it commercial and non-commercial use).
    6. Editing this presentation for the main purpose of listening to the audio or music.
    7. Any other stream or action deemed inappropriate by this company.
  2. 2.If the use of this video is deemed to be in violation of these guidelines, this company may take measures such as requesting the suspension of this stream, deleting or requesting the deletion of this video, or any other necessary action. Upon receiving such a request, please terminate this stream or delete this video as soon as possible.
    Please understand that we cannot respond to individual inquiries regarding specific violations.
  3. 3.In the event that this company or a third party suffers damages resulting from usage in violation of these guidelines, the party responsible for this stream shall be held liable to compensate this company or the third party in question for the relevant damages.


  1. 1.These guidelines are subject to change or termination without prior notice. If these guidelines are changed, the changes will be in effect immediately. Please verify the latest information before broadcasting this stream.
  2. 2.You may continue to publish this video that was streamed during the posting period of these guidelines, as long as it continues to be used in accordance with these guidelines.
  3. 3.Please understand that we cannot respond to individual inquiries regarding these guidelines.

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